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Kuvaaja: Kristo Vedenoja

Value-based, sustainable business activity

The future is built in cities. We have already been building Helsinki for 150 years, and in for Helsinki to bloom after another 150 years as well, we need determined forerunners who are able to look beyond tomorrow. We build the future with a sustainable value base, abiding by strict responsibility principles. The world around us is changing, and we are ready to take the step to the frontline of that change. Climate responsibility, inclusive growth and sustainable development are key factors in our vision of a fine city. An explicitly value-based approach enables projects that are not only focused on short-term wins, but instead on a greater mission.

A pioneer in sustainability

Sustainability is the cornerstone of all our activities, from personnel motivation to new kinds of construction and the launching of new raw materials. When it comes to restaurant services, we are continuously looking for new ways to make restaurant business more responsible, be it about biodiversity in nature, mitigating climate change or the circumstances of farmers at a global level. We compensate the emissions caused by the flight travels of our personnel. We create services and activities that encourage people to rethink the environment, use public transport and change their ways of living.


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