A future built on sustainability

We engage in activities that accumulate assets in ways that prioritise the environment and a responsible society. We look far into the future and carry the responsibility for building a sustainable future.

Ylva develops and manages its business areas in an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable way. Ylva’s operations are responsible and sustainable in every way: Ylva’s mission is to do responsible business by building a vibrant and sustainable city and providing services to the university community. Ylva’s Articles of Association include an obligation to adapt its business to the 1.5 °C target of the Paris Agreement on climate change.

Key figures

  • €29.3 million Turnover in 2023
  • €9.3 million EBITDA
  • €-17.0 million Operating result
  • €403.4 million Market values of real estate and investments
  • €234.8 million Interest-bearing net liabilities
  • 48.8 % Equity ratio


Kokosimme yhteen törkeimmät vastuuttomuustekomme vuodelta 2023.


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