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We rent commercial and office space in prime locations in Helsinki. Could our range of sustainably managed properties provide a new location for your business? Take a look at the premises available.

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Kaivokatu 10, 00100 Helsinki

From its iconic location in front of the Central Railway Station, Kaivotalo welcomes tens of thousands of passengers to Helsinki every day.

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Armaan kulma

Kaivokatu 12, 00100 Helsinki

In the historic property that is Armaan kulma (Armas’ corner), pleasant luxury and inspiring details come together with the sophistication of Baroque classicism.

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Mannerheimintie 3-5, 00100 Helsinki

Surrounded by the diverse services of the city centre, these business premises offer excellent traffic connections for your employees and customers.

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Toinen linja 7, 00530 Helsinki

A science, research and business hub representing the Helsinki of the days beyond tomorrow.

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Old Student House

Mannerheimintie 3, 00100 Helsinki

The history of the Old Student House is full of change and motion, but its location in the heart of the city remains constant.


Kokosimme yhteen törkeimmät vastuuttomuustekomme vuodelta 2023.


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