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Kuvaaja: Kristo Vedenoja

The Helsinki of the future is in the making.

Ylva’s goal is to contribute to the construction of an international, sustainable city of science and business. Our business activities focus on real estate and restaurant sector.

Real estate

Business and commercial property in some of the most prominent locations in Helsinki. Our development project Lyyra will add life to Hakaniemi and facilitate encounters between people and ideas.


Twenty restaurants and cafés, over 10,000 customers daily. We work ambitiously to develop new-generation student restaurants where customers can enjoy an ethically produced, inexpensive lunch.


Solutions for both short-term and long-term accommodation. We collaborate with our partners to rethink the future of urban living.


We play our own part in slowing down climate change. Our extensive work has made us a trailblazer in the field of climate sustainability in real estate and restaurant operations alike. Regardless, we strive to improve every day.

Our business is part of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki. This means we are owned by nearly 30,000 future-makers. However, we also choose to assume responsibility for future generations of students.

Asset management

Ylva’s background can be traced to the century-long management of the Student Union’s assets. Our approach to asset management is active. We follow a value-based business method, aiming to position ourselves among the frontrunners in all our fields: real estate operations and restaurant operations.

In recent years, we have moved into new sectors in real estate and other investment activities. We expect partnerships to become even more prominent in our work in the future. No one can build the Helsinki of the future alone.