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What on Earth went wrong in Ylva's sustainability efforts in 2023?

You have to take the good with the bad. We compiled our key irresponsible actions into a reportable form, so anyone can judge our list of sins. Our report is, of course, not verified by any third party, and comparing it to any of our competitors would be impossible, as no-one has of yet embarked on such foolishness.

Besides, one must also hope that others perform better than we do, otherwise, we'll soon be in over our heads, so to speak. On the other hand, if no-one else does it, why should we
- right?

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1. We will
break our
carbon neutrality promise

We make money by building and renovating buildings and renting them out as facilities, as well as by cooking food and selling it. Both activities require a lot of raw materials, and for now, even the most environmentally friendly products on the market still produce emissions - either more (the steel structures of our new Lyyra building, 4,000 tCO2e) or less (a kilo of domestic carrots for UniCafe's salad bar, 0.78 kgCO2e).

Therefore, we can't make our operations emission-free. Our carbon neutrality promise is then based on the possibility of offsetting the emissions we can't eliminate through our own choices. However, according to upcoming EU legislation, carbon neutrality can't be claimed if it's achieved through offsetting. So in plain English - it's not going to work.

So what now? We are revising our promise. We will continue to reduce emissions as much as we possibly can, and make noise in the industry to ensure more responsibly produced raw materials enter the market. We also commit to make environmental and climate actions at least on the same level to the harm we cause. We will also openly explain what "as many emission reductions as possible" and "at least as many environmental and climate actions" actually mean in practice.

2. We Calculate Our Carbon Footprint the Best Way for Ourselves