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The exceptional year did not hinder Ylva’s sustainability work: carbon neutral real estate properties in record time

The second year of the COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on Ylva’s business, but it did not slow down...

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Ylva examined the impact of business operations conducted on its premises on society

Traditionally, the tenants’ operations have not been taken into account when assessing the responsibility of the property-owning company’s business operations....

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This is what you will find in the Lyyra block in Hakaniemi, due for completion in 2023

The Lyyra city block under construction at the site of Kallio’s old office buildings will bring numerous new services and...

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Winning proposals in the responsibility competition encourage healthy and climate-friendly eating habits

Ylva’s annual responsibility competition has reached its conclusion. The contest was judged by Ylva’s administrative council, who awarded a shared...

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RESPONSIBILITY COMPETITION – Do your good deed of the day

Since 2011, Ylva has annually organised a responsibility competition aimed at seeking new ideas to develop the responsibility of our...

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Ylva is the first Finnish company to change its sustainability reporting to follow the EU taxonomy

The goal of the EU Taxonomy Regulation is to create a system by which investors can assess companies’ sustainability. Ylva...

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The renewed Kaivopiha kickstarts its autumn with a collective exhibition of seven street artists

Autumn in the Kaivopiha city block of restaurants and experiences is kicked off with an opening event organised on 26–29...

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Ylva joins Helsinki Pride – because the city belongs to everybody

For the second year running, Ylva is supporting the Helsinki Pride event as a collaborative partner. We want to be...

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Ylva’s responsibility raised investor interest: Ylva and Varma establish a new joint venture concerning the Lyyra development project

Ylva and Varma, one of Finland’s largest pension insurance companies, have agreed on forming a joint venture, concerning the Lyyra...

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Ylva created a new way to increase inclusivity on construction sites

Ylva wants to increase inclusivity and equality on its construction sites. Its novel way to commit and demand equality actions...


Kokosimme yhteen törkeimmät vastuuttomuustekomme vuodelta 2023.


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