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The winning proposal in the responsibility competition offers a wealth of ways to increase the popularity of plant-based meals

The winners of Ylva’s annual responsibility competition have been decided. The event was judged by Ylva’s administrative council, which has awarded victory in the 2022 competition to a single contestant. It has also given honourable mentions to two other proposals.

This year was the second time the responsibility competition has been organised around a theme, calling for new ideas that would further increase the popularity of fully plant-based lunch options at UniCafe.

This year’s competition was won by Srividhya Sundaresan. Her proposal presented a comprehensive and diverse set of perspectives on how to increase the popularity of plant-based food, including an improved selection of plant-based meal options and incorporating new dishes from other cuisines into the menu.

The panel decided to award the prize money in full to the winner.

Honorary mentions were given to Jari Wilska and Taru Väisänen, who both proposed collaborating with well-known chefs to invent new recipes.

All ideas submitted for the competition were handled anonymously throughout the selection process, and the names behind the proposals were only revealed after the winning proposals had been selected.

Proposals submitted for the competition were assessed based on their societal impact, positive effects on Ylva’s operations and the resources needed to implement them.

“I would like to thank the author of the winning proposal for the meticulous thought they obviously put into UniCafe’s lunch menu and their wide-ranging development ideas, as well as everyone who participated in the competition for their many proposals and the valuable perspectives they have brought to our sustainability work,” says Ylva’s Chief Sustainability Officer Antti Ruuska.

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Chief Sustainability Officer
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