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The first part of the Lyyra city block being built in Hakaniemi, Helsinki, has been taken into use

The tenants of the new office and business premises will be moving in during spring 2023. They include the technology company IBM, which will be opening its new head office in Lyyra. Final completion of Lyyra is slated for early 2024.

Almost all space has already been rented out in the completed office building located between Toinen Linja and Siltasaarenkatu, and the first tenants have already moved in. The technology company IBM will be opening its new head office in Lyyra and, of all the tenants, will occupy the most floorspace in the building.

The new building will also host Duunitori, GlucoModicum, Kakkugalleria, restaurant Adzika and its unique street food modelled after traditional Georgian cuisine, The Cave bistro and a Kesko retail outlet.

“Currently, the building is seeing a lot of furnishing and other work in preparation for the tenants moving in. Most of the tenants will be moving in and most of the businesses opening in spring 2023,” says Ylva’s Real Estate Director Ville Vaarala.

The second part of the Lyyra block will be reaching its full height in March. The second building, located across Siltasaarenkatu from the first, will host rental apartments and Finland’s first Citybox hotel. Additionally, the space will also be home to a Fat Ramen noodle restaurant, along with Urban Gourmet, a food court that combines several new and intriguing restaurant concepts.

Lyyra’s office space is entirely carbon-neutral post construction

Construction work on Lyyra’s first part was completed according to schedule.

“The speed at which the office building’s internal building works were completed probably set a new national record. I am particularly pleased about the fact that we will be successfully meeting the sustainability goals set for the project. When it comes to the actual use of the space, Lyyra is entirely carbon-neutral, and we also successfully reduced the emissions produced during construction,” says Ylva’s Construction Manager Verneri Lehtovirta.

In general, sustainability has been a key focus of the project. A LEED Platinum certification – the highest level of certification available in the internationally recognised system – will be sought for Lyyra. In addition, the facilities are aiming for energy class A, the Finnish Ministry of the Environment’s highest energy-efficiency classification. WELL certification will also be sought for the office building to testify to its excellent health and well-being features.

Municipal infrastructure work continues on and around the Lyyra block

Though work is now complete on the first half of the Lyyra block, Siltasaarenkatu and the lower end of Toinen Linja remain closed due to construction work.

“The City of Helsinki, Helsinki City Transport and Helen are still carrying out works related to municipal infrastructure in the area. According to our information, these works should be completed in the autumn,” Lehtovirta says.

Final completion of Lyyra is slated for early 2024.

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