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Aleksi Tujunen joins Ylva’s Board of Directors

Aleksi Tujunen has been elected to join Ylva’s Board of Directors. Tujunen officially joins the Board on 1 April 2023. In addition, Timo Kalliokoski has been elected for another term. The Board remains otherwise unchanged.

Ylva’s Board of Directors supervises the activities of the Ylva group and Ylva Services Ltd. Because half of the Board of Directors is made up of students who have fixed terms of office, the Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY), which owns Ylva, elects new members to the Board annually.

Aleksi Tujunen, who is currently studying at the Faculty of Arts to become a subject teacher in German and Swedish and represents the Helsinki University Greens, was the Chair of HYY’s Board in 2022. In 2021, as a member of the Board, Tujunen was responsible for areas such as education policy.

“I’m honoured to be on Ylva’s Board of Directors and to get the chance to offer the company the experience I built up in the Student Union. I look forward to starting in my new position. I greatly respect Ylva’s enterprising corporate activism and drive to advance both sustainability and corporate responsibility, which are values I want the company to carry into the future. I also look forward to learning new things during my time on Ylva’s board, especially when it comes to the principles of the real estate business and the landscape Ylva operates in,” Tujunen says.

Timo Kalliokoski, who is currently studying pedagogy, andragogy and English, was a member of HYY’s Board in 2020 and was responsible for ownership management and drawing up Ylva’s Ownership Strategy. Kalliokoski has been on Ylva’s Board since 2021.

“I want to thank the Student Union for the trust they have placed in me, and I will be delighted to continue my work on Ylva’s Board past the completion of the projects started during my time on the Board of HYY. Our next steps, once finalised, promise to offer Ylva interesting opportunities to provide students with an even better level of service in the future. With the continuing difficulties of the current global situation, the next few years are going to challenge Ylva to prove it can also be a trailblazer in a changing world,” Kalliokoski says.

HYY’s Board elects the Chair of the Board, along with 6–10 other members, the majority of whom must be members of the Student Union at the time of their election to office. The Board must elect at least one and no more than four expert members. The employee representative has the right to speak and be present at Board meetings. Members are elected for terms of one year.

The Board of Directors in 2023 consists of the following members: Chair Mika Heikkilä and other members Tuomas Aho, Mikko Järveläinen, Timo Kalliokoski, Joonas Pulliainen, Aleksi Tujunen, Tarja Pääkkönen (Boardman Ltd), Jaakko Hietala (Asianajotoimisto Bird & Bird), Reima Rytsölä (Solidium), Erkka Valkila (advisor) and Ylva employee representative Petri Minni.

More information:

Christoffer Aminoff
HYY Board member responsible for Ylva
+358 46 921 7850

Sanna Puutonen
Communications and Marketing Manager
+358 40 048 9224