The vantage point of Helsinki city centre

Kaivokatu 10, 00100 Helsinki

Kaivotalo, designed by architect Pauli Salomaa, was completed in 1955, becoming the vanguard in its architectural style. The first two floors of Kaivotalo host a range of business and retail spaces, while the upper floors are home to a myriad of offices.

The fantastic view of the city from atop of the building leaves no question about the advantages of its location: Kaivotalo provides the best transportation options as well as immediate access to some of the leading services in Helsinki.

Kaivotalo in a nutshell

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The history of Kaivotalo


Construction of Kaivotalo was completed

Availeable premises in the property

View the space

Kaivotalo office space 5th floor

205 m2

An elegant open-plan office available for rent right opposite the Central Railway Station.

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Maija Ryynänen

Leasing Manager

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