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City block of science and economy

We believe that the success of Helsinki is founded on the cooperation of science, research and companies. Cooperation breeds innovation and growth. Lyyra would create an internationally attractive meeting place for science and companies in the heart of Helsinki. A meeting place in the centre of the city would attract world-class experts, allow ideas to spread faster and create user-centric solutions born out of genuine need.

The Student Union of the University of Helsinki was founded to look after the school’s students. For this reason, we have already spent 150 years building a city where it is easy for people to gather together, come up with new ideas, discuss matters and have encounters. This is the kind of Helsinki we want to continue to invest in. Our activities are guided by transparency, responsibility and a long-term commitment to developing our properties and the city.

Lyyran askeleet

Ylva wins the Helsinki city building lot competition with Lyyra.

A 3D rendered image of a 5-story building. It has angular, futuristic shapes. The building is made of a light coloured material and has tall windows on each floor. There's a business space in the corner at the ground floor.

The plans for Lyyra are made public by the Helsinki Urban Environment committee.