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Ylva joins Helsinki Pride as a collaborative partner – today and in the future, Helsinki belongs to everyone

Despite the unusual circumstances, the Pride Week is being celebrated colourfully all over Helsinki. As an operator investing in urban development and inclusivity, Ylva is also part of the event as a Silver-level Partner.

The Pride Week kicks off in Helsinki exceptionally in September, due to the state of emergency and the coronavirus situation of the spring. Even though the festive week is an eagerly anticipated event highlighting communality and equality, inclusivity and justice should not be forgotten even after the celebrations are over. The Helsinki Pride Community supports the development and wellbeing of society by training professionals, supporting asylum seekers and everything inbetween, thus creating a LHBTIQ+-safe city.

“For us, supporting Helsinki Pride is first and foremost about the city belonging to everybody. Whether we are talking about Kaivopiha or about Lyyra, currently under construction, we want to be part of enabling urban spaces where everyone can proudly be themselves. It goes without saying that there is no room for homo- or transphobia in our Helsinki, nor for any exclusionary ideologies such as racism or fascism,” comments Ylva’s Marketing and Communications Director Jannica Aalto.

Ylva’s corporate operations are driven by the principles of urban development, sustainability and responsibility, and these can be seen in all our business operations – from inclusivity and our carbon budget in the construction field to the societal impact of student meals. Social justice is a significant part of sustainability and societal responsibility – a sustainable city of the future cannot be built without all of its residents having the opportunity to be themselves.

Hence, Ylva is taking part in Helsinki Pride for the first time this year as a Silver-level Partner. This collaboration reflects not only Ylva’s goals in its business operations but also the internal work community at Ylva, in which supporting diversity and equality is the starting point for the development of the work community.

More information:

Jannica Aalto, Marketing and Communications Director, +358 45 1347 636