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Ylva is closing some of its restaurants temporarily due to the coronavirus situation

Due to the rapidly changing situation with the novel coronavirus Ylva is temporarily closing some of its restaurants and cafes from the 16th of March onward. The decision has been made in relation to the University of Helsinki’s declaration of an exceptional situation due to the virus, coming into effect on the 16th.

The university recommends students and staff to work remotely, and has issued a temporary ban on all events for more than 50 participants. The majority of customers at Ylva’s restaurants are staff and students at the university. You can read the University of Helsinki’s news about the situation here:

Ylva is temporarily shortening the opening hours of several restaurants and closing some completely for the time being. All campuses will, however, have at least one open restaurant.

You can find the up-to-date list of open restaurants at UniCafe’s homepage.

More information:

Jannica Aalto, Marketing and communications director, +358 45 134 7636