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Ylva donates 10.000 euros in support of the children and families of Ukraine

The Ukraine war has deeply touched all of Ylva’s staff and the members of the company’s owners, the Student Union of the University of Helsinki. The donation is made through UNICEF and aimed to offer tangible help to Ukrainians suffering from the crisis.

Ylva, owned by the Student Union of the University of Helsinki, is donating 10.000 euros to UNICEF to help support the children and families of Ukraine.

“In this new global situation, responsibility means above all looking after human lives and offering help to those who need it. The donation is a concrete way for us to participate in this work,” says Ylva’s CEO Leea Tolvas.

UNICEF is the United Nations’ Children’s Fund working long-term to improve the lives of the most disadvantaged children around the world. In its own operations, Ylva has committed to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and is involved in the UN’s Global Compact Finland Network.

The Ukraine crisis emphasises the meaning of working towards equality

The war in Ukraine touches the lives of many professionals working for Ylva. There are people with Russian and Ukrainian backgrounds working in Ylva’s UniCafe restaurants and on the Grand Hansa and Lyyra worksites.

It is Ylva’s goal to ensure that its own work community as well as both worksites are safe, equal and discrimination-free for all employees – at all times.

“As well as with our own employees, we have discussed the situation with the contractors of both our major projects, and they will be doing all they can to guarantee an equal and safe work environment for every employee, just as they have done thus far. We do not tolerate any kind of discrimination on our worksites,” Tolvas states.

Ylva’s business operations do not rely on energy or materials produced in Russia

So far, the war has had little impact on Ylva’s business operations. All of the energy in Ylva-owned properties is produced in heat pump plants in Helsinki using domestic renewable energy. Also the electricity used in the buildings is 100% domestic wind power.

Similarly, the UniCafe restaurants have long been investing in domestic ingredients. Guaranteeing food security will be further highlighted in the near future, as insecurity grows in terms of the price and availability of European and global food.

“We are actively following the world-political situation, and will continue to carry out our normal duties while taking care of one another. Peace and social peace are things we have been able to take for granted for a long time, here in Finland as well as in Europe. What is happening in Ukraine is unreasonable and in every way reprehensible,” Tolvas stresses.

From Thursday 3 March onwards, Ylva and the Student Union of the University of Helsinki are flying the Ukrainian flag at the Old Student House in support of ending the war. The flag will fly until further notice.

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