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Ylva awarded the Great Place to Work® certification

Good life, more sustainable everyday life, bold shake-ups and the Helsinki of the future are not achieved without effort – some hard-working individuals are required for each success. At the end of 2019, the team spirit of the people of Ylva was considered strong enough to warrant the Great Place to Work® certification.

One year ago, the people of Ylva got together to discuss where the strengths of Ylva’s work culture lie and what our success is based on. The result was a set of principles that summed up the essential qualities of Ylva’s culture. One of the included principles modestly states: ‘We make up Ylva, and Ylva makes the world a better place while being the best workplace in Finland’. This principle proved to be the impetus for Ylva’s journey to become a Great Place to Work.

‘It was amazing to realise how Ylva’s vision for building the Helsinki of the future also came across as a strength in our results. Pride in our work and the work’s meaningfulness are a huge resource for our work community, and it is easy to continue our work on this basis going forward’, CEO Antti Kerppola rejoices. ‘Our way of influencing society got an excellent score from our people. It is great to see how inspiring people find building the Helsinki of the future’, Kerppola continues.

Reflecting on the qualities that best describe Ylva’s work culture, the people of Ylva considered the future, cooperation, having fun and being goal-oriented as the cornerstones of our work culture. The Great Place to Work® assessment was chosen as the tool for developing Ylva’s work culture because of its strong focus on the employees’ experience and views on their own workplace.

The criterium for being awarded the Great Place to Work® certification is that the overall score of the Trust Index® is at least 70% and the share of respondents in the organisation is over 90%.


Further information:

Antti Kerppola, CEO, +358 45 353 2187

Lea Jokio-Suramo, COO, +358 50 581 9244