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Ylva accommodates Ukrainian youths studying at the University of Helsinki for the summer

From June until August, the Domus Academica apartments in Etu-Töölö will be housing 16 Ukrainian students who have been granted the right to pursue non-degree studies at the University of Helsinki. Accommodation in the apartments managed by Ylva will be free of charge for the Ukrainian students who have escaped from the war.

It is extremely difficult for the Ukrainians, who are studying without Kela’s study grant, to find accommodation in the free rental market of Helsinki. Until now, arranging accommodation has largely been relying on individual volunteers.

“The fact that several furnished rental apartments became available at Domus simultaneously in the beginning of June gave us the opportunity to offer some relief to the Ukrainian students’ housing situation for the summer. We hope our concrete act will contribute to helping these students carry on until a more permanent solution to the issue can be found,” explains Ylva’s Rental Specialist Petteri Vitikainen.

Ylva will be financing the summer months’ rental costs for the Ukrainian students who arrived in Helsinki and the university community in spring 2022. In every other way, they are covered by Ylva’s standard rental agreements and can utilise the property’s services just like any other resident.

“There will also be a recycling spot set up in the property where current and departing residents can donate things like kitchenware to the Ukrainian students,” Vitikainen says.

Ylva has a long tradition as a housing provider for students. Each academic year, accommodation is offered to hundreds of students. In addition to student apartments, Ylva also has rental apartments at Domus Academica that are available to all Helsinki residents. Ylva’s housing business will be extended to the Helsinki district of Hakaniemi in 2023 with the completion of the Lyyra block.

More information:

Petteri Vitikainen
Rental Specialist
+358 40 647 7010