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Winning proposals in the responsibility competition encourage healthy and climate-friendly eating habits

Ylva’s annual responsibility competition has reached its conclusion. The contest was judged by Ylva’s administrative council, who awarded a shared victory to two proposals that help UniCafe customers make better choices.

This year, the responsibility competition had a specific theme for the first time. Particularly ideas that promote change towards a sustainable and healthy diet were sought in the competition. Two proposals were selected as the winners: Food Coach and the Salad Box.

Food Coach lays out different ways to promote climate-friendly meal choices in various parts of UniCafe’s digital customer journey. The panel calls this a big and inspiring idea that is likely to encourage and make it easier for customers to make better choices in the restaurant.

Meanwhile, the Salad Box proposal presents a new and healthy snack option for UniCafe customers that makes use of the foods already being served in the service line. The panel finds the idea readily executable and believes in its potential to both create additional sales and reduce food waste.

All ideas submitted for the competition were handled anonymously throughout the selection process, and the names behind the proposals were only uncovered after the winners had been selected. Surprisingly, both of the winning proposals turned out to have come from the same person: Petri Minni.

“We are adding both ideas to our list of developments. We can start exploring the execution options of the Salad Box idea straightaway, while Food Coach is a broader concept that requires some more brainstorming and defining. I believe the idea will provide us with great notions for further development, especially in terms of customer communications and marketing,” relates Ylva’s Chief Sustainability Officer Antti Ruuska.

All ideas submitted for the competition were assessed from the points of view of their societal impact, positive effects on Ylva’s operations and the resources needed to execute the proposal.

According to the panel, some of the proposals were ideas that had already been discussed by UniCafe’s business management and did not include any significant new insights. At the same time, some of the ideas were interesting, yet too big or particularly risky as investments.

“I want to thank Petri for his fine winning ideas, as well as every single person who took part in the competition. The submitted ideas always give us new perspectives and development ideas for our sustainability work, which I find particularly valuable,” Ruuska says.

More information:

Antti Ruuska
Chief Sustainability Officer
+358 40 176 3142