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UNTITLED –Ylva creating new solutions to sustainable urbanization

Ylva is a founding member of UNTITLED- platform created by Demos Helsinki. The first UNTITLED festival is held in Helsinki in June.

“Ylva’s mission is to build a sustainable city of tomorrow, but what does that actually mean? How do we achieve the best solutions that are socially, environmentally, culturally and economically sustainable? Can we answer the challenges in a way that makes others believe that there is still hope for achieving this sustainable future?” wonders Ylva’s CEO Antti Kerppola.

“When Demos Helsinki asked if we were interested in finding answers to these questions, the answer was obvious – we’re in. The goal is to create a platform and a growing community to face the challenges together. Instead of just patting each other on the back for being progressive, we want to take on the real issues we have here in Helsinki and in other urban areas, such as segregation or challenges in building an international city. The Carbon-neutral Helsinki 2035 -action plan needs more concrete actions; with only the current actions, we will achieve the goal 42 years too late“, Kerppola continues.

“Ylva’s interest in UNTITLED focuses widely on the physical urban environment and the services offered there – both public and private. With open collaboration, we can clarify the ways in which companies tackle climate change, enhance the amount of vegan food provided, or achieve creating the most sustainable buildings in the city. Reaching these goals requires firm collaboration that is based on facts and science. Our standing between the private and public actors and the youth and the academic world makes these questions and the answers to them essential to us.

Some of the other members in the UNTITLED alliance are the Y-Foundation, Tradeka säätiö, Service Union United PAM, Hanskis Maskin Service, the city of Helsinki, Base2 (SWE), Bethnal Green Ventures (UK), ClimateWorks (US), Das Progressive Zentrum (GE), The Democratic Society (BE), Economic Security Project (US), Emerge (SWE), the Espoo City Theatre, FundingBox (DK), Gehl Architects (DK), Long Now Foundation , (US), MiklagardArts, Situation Lab at Carnegie Mellon University (US), Sthml Tech Fest (SWE), Tokai University (JP), Trampery (UK) ja The UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose (UK).

More information about UNTITLED will be announced during the spring.

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More information:

Antti Kerppola, CEO, +358 45 353 2187

Jannica Aalto, communications and marketing director, +358 45 1347 636 (media inquiries)