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The renewed Kaivopiha kickstarts its autumn with a collective exhibition of seven street artists

Autumn in the Kaivopiha city block of restaurants and experiences is kicked off with an opening event organised on 26–29 Aug, at which citizens are offered the chance to enjoy street art, a versatile selection of food and drink as well as special offers from the block’s businesses.

In collaboration with Helsinki Urban Art, Ylva brings seven national and international street artists to Kaivopiha, where their unique collective exhibition will be enlivening the walls of Helsinki residents’ shared city block for one month.

The exhibition’s main works of art are creations by Anetta Lukjanova and Lauri Ahtinen. The classically trained Lukjanova is a painter based in Helsinki and Barcelona who works in the mediums of drawing, oil painting and large-scale murals. Her style is representative of magic realism.

Ahtinen is a cartoonist and visual artist from Oulu. He has published five graphic novels, held several painting exhibitions and been involved with setting up an art gallery in Heinäpää, Oulu.

Both works of art are linked with Helsinki and their environment in different ways: Lukjanova’s piece features a more realistic street view and food being enjoyed, whereas Ahtinen’s creation stems from the stimuli surrounding you in Kaivopiha.

“Bringing art to become part of the shared urban space fits seamlessly into our vision of the development of Helsinki. We want to do our share in ensuring that there remains space in the centre of Helsinki that is open to all as well as different, layered and historically interesting. These were the starting points of designing and building the new Kaivopiha,” says Ylva’s Chief Sustainability Officer Antti Ruuska.

The business premises in Kaivopiha went through a historical change when Ylva renovated the premises below the Old Student House completely. The city block of beneficiary choices was opened in late 2020 and brings together several new restaurants and services.

“We at Ylva believe that Helsinki will remain attractive also in the future. We want to do our share in building the Helsinki of tomorrow that is interesting, responsible and sustainable. By developing the centralmost block of the city, we are creating an urbal space where people want to keep coming to work and to enjoy themselves. The natural need to meet other people and experience things has not gone anywhere. On the contrary – it seems to have increased,” summarises Ylva’s Real Estate Director Ville Vaarala.

Eat. Drink. Art. Autumn kickstart in Kaivopiha on 26–29 Aug

Ylva brings seven national and international street artists to Kaivopiha, their unique collective exhibition is open as of 26th of August till end of September.

You can find out more about the opening weekend’s event, the artists at the exhibition and the special offers at (in Finnish).

More information:

Sanna Puutonen, Communications and Marketing Manager, +358 400 489 224 (media enquiries)

Ville Vaarala, Real Estate Director, +358 40 569 0699

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