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The new Kaivopiha will focus on choices that are good for you – Ylva is renewing the brand and concept of Kaivopiha

The reformed Kaivopiha will open in December. The visual look of the Kaivopiha block is being updated over the coming autumn.

Kaivopiha is located in a major node in the centre of Helsinki, connecting Aleksanterinkatu, Mannerheimintie and the Railway Station. The business premises in Kaivopiha will go through a historical change as the premises below the Old Student House get completely renovated. In connection with these changes, the Kaivopiha brand was also reconsidered in terms of what running errands in the city centre entails in the 2020s.

“Kaivopiha combines the best of both individual stores and shopping centres. There is a diverse selection of businesses in our facilities, offering the Helsinki residents everything from stone-baked pizzas to high-end meeting facilities and ecological houseware,” comments Ylva’s Real Estate Director Ville Vaarala.

New tenants in Kaivopiha include Fat Lizard, Helsinger Business House, The Grind Coffee and Wine, Ugly Bao and Meli Bakery, among others.

In connection with the facilities’ renovations, all logos and signage will also be updated in order to make visits to Kaivopiha even smoother in the future. The new brand strategy, visual look and website have been designed by Design Agency Kuudes.

“Kaivopiha’s look has been revamped before over the years, with the latest version executed in 2014. This time around, it felt like the wholly renewed concept needed to be supported by a bigger change. We wanted the new look to communicate more strongly what we at Ylva want to see in central Helsinki: local retailers, the enablement of choices that are good for you, a pedestrianised city centre that is open to all,” comments Ylva’s Marketing and Communications Director Jannica Aalto.

The new Kaivopiha will open its doors in December 2020, once the passage from Kaivopiha to Aleksanterinkatu is opened. The first new retail spaces were completed already in June.

In Kaivopiha, Helsinki residents will be served by: Bites Burgers, Clas Ohlson, DNA, Dubliner, Fat Lizard, Feel Vegas, Fotoyks, Grind Coffee, Haircare, Helsinger, Huawei, Kaivopihan suutari, Kilroy, L’Occitane, Life, Luckiefun’s, Lush, Meli Bakery, Milliklubi, Musti & Mirri, Pickwick Pub, Platito, Praha, Reel One, Ruohonjuuri, Silmäasema, Subway, Ugly Bao, UniCafe, Yliopiston Apteekki and Zetor.

More information:

Ville Vaarala, Real Estate Director, +358 40 569 0699

Jannica Aalto, Marketing and Communications Director, +358 45 1347 636