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Leea Tolvas appointed as Ylva’s new CEO

The Helsinki of the future is gaining a new constructor: Ylva, the administrator of the real estate and investment assets and the housing and restaurant operations of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki, has appointed Leea Tolvas as its new Chief Executive Officer. She will take up her position on 15 Feb 2021.

MSc (Tech), MSc (Econ) Leea Tolvas, 35, moves to the position of Ylva’s Chief Executive Officer from the role of Real Estate Funds Director at Fennia Properties Ltd, part of S-Bank. She has previously acted as a member of the Colliers Finland Management Team and as Development Director of real estate transactions, leasing, and real estate development in HOK-Elanto’s real estate operations.

“Leea Tolvas’s impressive results in the successful management of real estate operations, particular commitment to responsibility and value-based business operations, and demonstrations of leadership and cooperation skills between various stakeholder groups were convincing,” explains Ylva’s Chair of the Board Jenni Hupli.

Ylva’s key projects, Lyyra in Hakaniemi and Grand Hansa in central Helsinki, will remain at the core of Ylva’s operations for the next few years, and work on them now continues under Tolvas’s leadership. Business operations based on responsibility and sustainability are central to Ylva’s strategy.

“Ylva is a unique combination of a long-term investment horizon and the fast-paced real estate, restaurant and travel business that never sleeps. I am excited to join Ylva in its active and pioneering work. For me, the Helsinki of the future means responsible ownership that you can put a face on. It’s the courage to renew and think in a new way, to create a more sustainable city, society and working life,” says Leea Tolvas.

Ylva’s Board decided upon the appointment in their meeting on 7 Dec, and Leea Tolvas will begin as Ylva’s Chief Executive Officer on 15 Feb 2021. In addition to this, the Representative Council of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki decided on 15 Dec that similarly to Ylva’s previous CEOs, Leea Tolvas will also be appointed as HYY’s Chief Financial Officer. Concurrently, Ylva’s Interim CEO Eemeli Lehto will resume his role as Ylva’s Chief Financial Officer.


More information:

Jenni Hupli, Ylva’s Chair of the Board, 050 329 0850,

Leea Tolvas, Ylva’s Chief Executive Officer and HYY’s Chief Financial Officer as of 15 Feb 2021, 050 4000 323,

Jannica Aalto, Ylva’s Marketing and Communications Director, 045 134 7636, (media inquiries)


Ylva’s goal is to construct the Helsinki of the future. Our business operations focus on the real estate and restaurant businesses. Ylva is owned by the Student Union of the University of Helsinki. For 150 years already, we have been building a city for the people of Helsinki where people and ideas come together. For us, profitability means long-term decisions that will make the following 150 years possible. Our unique background requires us to be pioneers in terms of openness and responsibility and to commit to the development of Helsinki.