A unique organisation: 26,000 owners

Ylva is owned by the students of the University of Helsinki – in other words, its Student Union (HYY). Ylva is the Student Union’s asset manager, and what lies at the core of its business operation is the creation of sustainable solutions that will live on to also benefit future generations.

Executive Team

Leea Tolvas

Ville Vaarala
Real Estate Director

Matleena Eteläsaari

Anne Immonen
Business Director, restaurants

Sanna Puutonen
Communications and Marketing Manager

Isa Dahlström
Culture & People Officer

Eelis Rytkönen
Chief Impact Leader

Supervisory Board

The Board of the Student Union chooses Ylva’s Supervisory Board every year. The Supervisory Board consists of 12 to 18 members, all students, and the member responsible for company-related matters in HYY’s Board serves as the Supervisory Board’s Chair.

Members of the Supervisory Board, 1.4.2024-31.3.2025

Henna Heino, president (1.1.-31.12.2024)
Eeli Aakko
Alexander Pietilä
Nikodemus Tommiska
Viena Pentikäinen
Anders Brandt
Eugenie Touma van der Meulen
Otto Stenman
Vilma Kujala
Jere Mattila
Petri Seppä
Joona Rissanen
Matti Ylhäisi
Otto Suhonen

Key figures:

  • 150 years of promoting student activities
  • 26000 owners
  • 130 employees


Mika Heikkilä
Chair of the Board
Hanna-Mari Manninen
Tarja Pääkkönen
Mari Tyster
Erkka Valkila
Christoffer Aminoff
Board member
Tuukka Kainulainen
Board member
Timo Kalliokoski
Board member
Joonas Pulliainen
Board member
Aleksi Tujunen
Board member
Petri Minni
Ylva’s staff representative
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