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Ylva’s international cooperation to incorporate inclusiveness continues – B4IG business coalition gathered at the Paris Peace Forum

In August Ylva was selected to participate in an international, OECD-backed sustainable growth initiative, Business 4 Inclusive Growth (B4IG). The initiative brings together 40 companies from different parts of the world creating a unique global coalition to promote sustainable growth. Ylva is the only Finnish company to participate. The coalition members’ CEOs gathered to meet in Paris during 11.-12. November as the coalition’s board began its work. The president of France, Emmanuel Macron, also met with the B4IG-coalition on the 12 of November at the Paris Peace Forum.

The OECD-backed B4IG initiative brings together companies and stakeholders aiming to develop a more sustainable, just, and equal business environment. The November meeting started the work of the initiative’s board consisting of the CEOs of the participating companies. Ylva’s CEO, Antti Kerppola, starts as a board member for the 2020-2022 term.

“It is clearer than ever that in order to create sustainable growth beyond environmental issues we need to strongly consider possibilities to promote equality, as well as actions designed to be inclusive rather than limiting participation and the possibilities of the participants. In order to succeed companies have to base their business on solid foundations that enable this kind of sustainable operations”, says Kerppola.

The companies have had the opportunity to present projects for the B4IG incubator to be scaled or benchmarked. In its November meeting the board decided on its work program as well as the incubator’s rules of governance. Working with international partners and companies opens new possibilities to learn and expand Ylva’s value based work.

Concreate solutions towards inclusivity

French President Emmanuel Macron met the coalition on Tuesday the 12th of November. President Macron stated that the B4IG will be one of the most concrete solutions concerning collaboration between companies and governments.

Ylva has presented two of its projects to be included in the process: the first is Lyyra which, in addition to sustainable construction, has a strong focus on more inclusive construction processes. Ylva emphasizes diversity as part of Lyyra’s subcontracting chains. The second project is UniCafe, serving as an excellent example of a service allowing for sustainable choices with minimal effort.

“Concrete actions are needed from all fields of business. Ylva’s recent openings in sustainability are great examples of new possibilities for companies to act as catalysts of change regardless of their current size or market position”, continues Kerppola.


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