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Ylva office becomes one of Finland’s Best Workplaces

The Ylva office has been recognised as one of the twenty Best Workplaces in Finland in the small company category. Finland’s Best Workplaces 2022 were announced in a virtual gala organised by Great Place to Work on Wednesday 27 Apr.

Ylva has taken part in the Great Place to Work assessment since 2019. The result has improved each year, and now, for the first time, Ylva was recognised as one of Finland’s Best Workplaces. On the top 20 Best Workplaces list, Ylva is at number 18.

“It is rewarding to see that our consistent work towards improving wellbeing at work is paying off. Equality, the responsibility of our business operations and the high competence level of our management and specialists are key factors in our success and important values in all our operations. The fact that these were the aspects that were highlighted in the survey and helped us become one of Finland’s Best Workplaces shows that we have been doing the right things in our own way,” says Ylva’s Culture & People Officer Aino Pekkarinen.

Good work culture is based on equality and genuinely responsible business operations

As many as 96 per cent of Ylva’s staff members consider Ylva to be a very good workplace as a whole. Of the 60 positive statements regarding work culture, 43 were considered more than 90-per-cent true at Ylva.

The staff gave Ylva its highest scores in statements regarding equality. People, communality, the opportunity to balance work and free time, and trust in the skills and honesty of the management and colleagues also stood out from the answers.

“In our experience, expert colleagues and a value-based way to do business also contribute to wellbeing at work! Ylva’s values, our genuinely responsible operating method and the credibility arising from our staff’s professionalism are aspects that our staff repeatedly bring up in work wellbeing surveys and that everyone takes pride in,” Pekkarinen states.

Same assessment to cover all staff members

Great Place to Work was first chosen as a means to assess and develop the work culture of Ylva’s office staff, whereas the restaurants used a different assessment system. In the coming year, the plan is to have all of Ylva’s staff covered by the Great Place to Work survey.

According to Aino Pekkarinen, the transition to a single survey covering the entire staff will support Ylva’s goal of building a uniform and unique work culture that is shared by the whole work community.

“The COVID pandemic has impacted our work community in various ways. Its consequences have hit our restaurant staff the hardest, many of whom were laid off for long periods of time. It is to be expected that the burden of these unusual years will be reflected in next year’s assessment results. Nonetheless, the most important thing for us is to be able to recognise any problems and find ways to solve these. Great Place to Work is an efficient tool for this, as the survey focuses strongly on the employees’ experiences and views of their own workplace,” Pekkarinen says.

The Great Place to Work survey was conducted on Ylva’s office staff between 1 and 16 Dec 2021, and 96% of the office personnel took part in it.

More information:

Aino Pekkarinen
Culture & People Officer
+358 40 542 4626