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Tuomas Aho, Mikko Järveläinen and Joonas Pulliainen to join Ylva’s Board

Tuomas Aho, Mikko Järveläinen and Joonas Pulliainen have been appointed as new members of Ylva’s Board. The new Board members will start on the Board on 1 Apr 2022. The other members of the Board remain the same.

The Ylva Board acts as the Board of the Ylva Group and Ylva Services Ltd. Ylva’s owner HYY appoints new members to the Board each year, since half of Ylva’s Board members are students with fixed-term posts on the Board.

Law student Tuomas Aho, from the Representative Council group HELP, acted on the HYY Board in 2021 as the Board member in charge of ownership administration and the preparation of Ylva’s Ownership Strategy.

“I am eagerly awaiting taking up my post, and I am very flattered that for the next few years, I get to act on the Board of such a pioneer in matters of sustainability as Ylva and serve the Student Union to the best of my ability in that position. It is important that Ylva does not merely rest on its laurels once its current projects are completed in the near future, and hence, I consider the outlining of future plans to be the most important task of the coming two-year term,” Aho says.

For Mikko Järveläinen, who studies in the Forest Ecology and Environmental Change Master’s Programme, this Board post is the first position of trust at HYY.

“It is a great honour to become part of Ylva’s operations at this most interesting stage, with the finish line of the biggest investment programme in history approaching while we are looking toward the world after COVID – the operating environment has gone through a vast change during the pandemic. I cannot wait to start contributing to Ylva’s operations as a frontrunner of sustainable and environmentally-friendly business operations,” Järveläinen relates.

Joonas Pulliainen, representing the group Edistykselliset, studies Research in World Politics in the Faculty of Social Sciences. Pulliainen was a HYY Board member in 2019–2020.

“Helsinki is my beloved hometown, and Ylva plays a significant role in its development. It is really inspiring to get to bring the students’ point of view into this work. My goal is to look after the Student Union’s shared assets in the midst of a world-political crisis whose financial implications also affect Helsinki. On a more personal level, I look forward to gaining more insight into the real estate business, with which I have already become a little acquainted in my previous duties,” Pulliainen says.

The Student Union Board appoints the Chair of Ylva’s Board as well as 6–10 other Board members, of whom the majority must be members of the Student Union at the time of appointment. The Board must appoint at least one and at most four specialist members. A representative of the personnel has the right to attend and address all board meetings. Members are appointed for one year at a time.

In 2022, the Board consists of the following members: outgoing Chair of the Board Jenni Hupli heads the Board until the end of March, and on 1 Apr 2022, this position is taken up by Mika Heikkilä. The other members are Timo Kalliokoski, Joel Lindqvist, Tarja Pääkkönen (Boardman Oy), Jaakko Hietala (Bird & Bird Attorneys), Reima Rytsölä (Varma), Erkka Valkila (board professional) and, representing the Ylva personnel, Petri Minni.


More information:

Mikko Kanervo
HYY Board member in charge of companies
+358 46 921 7850

Sanna Puutonen
Communications and Marketing Manager
+358 400 489 224