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Hostel Domus Academica renewed – Both Helsinki to open its doors in June

Ylva renewed the brand of its long-standing accommodation business. Hostel Domus Academica, known as Finland’s largest summer hostel, opens on the 1st of June under the name Both.

The largest summer hostel in Finland, owned and operated by Ylva, will undergo a transformation during May as its name, look and concept are renewed.

“The new brand is our fresh entry into Helsinki’s accommodation market. Hostel Domus Academica has long-reaching traditions. We wanted to refresh them and at the same time, bring our values further into the accommodation business. In Both, the traveller does not need to choose between privacy and communality. With us, you can experience both”, Business Director Leena Pihlajamäki comments.

Both’s lobby spaces are being renovated before summer. “We are proud of the rich details of the building, such as the murals by Tove Jansson and Ilmari Tapiovaara, and we are accentuating them further. The communal spaces have been renovated with a fresh twist, but we also respect the house’s design history, for example, by bringing the Domus chairs designed for the house into the renewed lobby spaces. In addition, some of the rooms have been furnished with Artek design furniture”, Pihlajamäki says.

Both – for the world is not black and white

Our choice of name, Both, reflects the desire to describe the values of our business activity in a new way. Climate responsibility has far-reaching roots in Ylva’s accommodation business, and social sustainability values will also feature in the activity more strongly than before. Both does not believe in a black-and-white world where choices are made on an either-or basis. Travelling will always bring different cultures together and increase interaction and understanding between people, and Both wants to further emphasise the communal sides of travelling. Climate responsibility will not be forgotten, either. Ylva compensates for the carbon footprints caused by its customers’ accommodation with the help of Compensate, similarly to its other business endeavours. (LINKKI)

“We believe that it is possible to combine travelling with both responsibility and having fun. Customers expect an active role from companies, not only regarding climate issues but also in other sectors of responsibility. Here in Both, we wish to welcome everyone to experience the best sides of Helsinki. In this city, constructed urban environment co-exists in a unique symbiosis with nature, and, thanks to its location, Both offers a great opportunity to enjoy them both”, Pihlajamäki continues.

Both will open its doors on 1 June 2019 at Hietaniemenkatu 14. Reservations at

Additional information:

Leena Pihlajamäki, +35840 7252 887