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New grand hotel in Kaivopiha in central Helsinki announced – THE FIRST NORDIC HOTEL OF THE HYATT CHAIN ARRIVES IN FINLAND

Press release
Free to publish on 17.12.2019 at 9:30AM

The Grand Hansa Hotel restores a piece of Helsinki’s history to the city block of Kaivopiha. Ylva negotiated a Hyatt chain hotel to be located in the property, and it will be committed to sustainable development and bring new kind of worldly quality to Helsinki.

Ylva manages and develops the properties of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki and is now in charge of the premises from the New Student House all the way to the former hotel Seurahuone building. The whole block is currently under renovation and as part of this change the most significant hotel of Helsinki is being developed. The new hotel belonging in The Unbound Collection by Hyatt chain will offer the kind of world class facilities that have not been experienced in Helsinki before.

“We want to develop Helsinki as broadly and responsibly as possible. The hotel project supports the internationalization of Helsinki as well as the sustainable development of the city’s center. We want to make our Kaivopiha block as high-quality as possible for the people of Helsinki and its visitors”, the CEO of Ylva, Antti Kerppola states.

Ylva acquired the Seurahuone building in the Fall of 2018 and has since been searching for a hotel operator for the city block that would fit Ylva’s values. Now the partners for cooperation have been chosen amidst several international operators. The Finnish Primehotels Oy has entered a franchising agreement with Hyatt and will be operating Finland’s first The Unbound Collection by Hyatt luxury hotel at the Kaivopiha property.

Grand Hansa Hotel will open its doors in 2022

The Grand Hansa Hotel will open its doors at Kaivopiha in 2022. The hotel will belong to a luxury category with 224 rooms. Ylva is committed to OECD’s Responsible Growth Business Initiative and therefore special attention will be paid to the responsible choices and activities of the subcontractors and the operator throughout the building stages.

“The principles of sustainable development were the central issue for us in choosing the operator and the hotel concept. We want the hotel to be steeped in the luxury of today: experiences and responsibility. The hotel will be built and operated according to our values”, Ylva’s Antti Kerppola guarantees.

“The agreement is a significant part of the growth strategy of Primehotels and we are proud to carry out such a noteworthy hotel project together with Ylva and Hyatt. Through this cooperation, we get to create a one-of-a-kind, modern luxury hotel to central Helsinki, which is a great addition to the growth strategy of Primehotels”, Tomi Peitsalo, the CEO of Primehotels, rejoices.

“Interest towards Helsinki among international travelers has been impressive during the previous years. The history and unique culture of the location makes Helsinki’s Grand Hansa an organic part of The Unbound Collection by Hyatt chain”, the director of European development at Hyatt, Guido Fredrich states.

Vapaavuori, the Mayor of Helsinki: “The increasingly international Helsinki needs precisely projects like this”

Grand Hansa Hotel brings back a piece of the history of central Helsinki to the student-owned city block. Hotel Hansa operated in the New Student House between 1924-1968, and even before that Ylioppilaskoti and Lähetyshotelli were located in the building. Now the property known as hotel Seurahuone building will be added to the assembly. A hotel has been operating in the building since 1912. Ylva will be responsible for developing Kaivopiha and the entire block.

The Mayor of Helsinki, Jan Vapaavuori is excited about the hotel project.

“Helsinki is a growing and increasingly international city. New hotels and hotel chains are a central part of developing the city’s image and attractiveness. In the future, Helsinki wants to offer new destinations and services for the enjoyment of both travelers and the people of Helsinki in a diverse and sustainable way. It is great that Grand Hansa Hotel is coming to the historic area of the city’s center and is being developed with an ambitious concept”, Mayor Jan Vapaavuori declares.

Further information on the Grand Hansa Hotel project

Antti Kerppola, CEO, Ylva, email tel. 045 3532 187

Tomi Peitsalo, CEO, Primehotels Oy, email tel. 050609 31

Jennifer Rubin, Hyatt, email, tel. 312 780 5808

Ylva manages the student union’s property and financial operations. For the past 150 years, we have been developing Helsinki for its residents as a city where people and ideas come together. Our unique background requires us to be forerunners of openness and responsibility as well as to commit to developing the city of Helsinki. As a financially sound property developer we have the opportunity to do so. Our long-term development targets include the Kaivopiha block and the adjoined New and Old Student House in central Helsinki; Lyyra in Hakaniemi, Domus Gaudium in Kamppi, as well as student apartments and Mechelinkatu 3D-HUB. In addition, we possess significant properties in terms of cultural history at Jollas and Tuusula.