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Photographer: Miikka Pirinen

Vision & mission

Our business activities focus on real estate and financial investments along with the restaurant sector. Our owner is the Student Union of the University of Helsinki and our profits are used to promote student activities.

We have been part of Helsinki’s cityscape for 150 years and our business operations focus on long-term planning. For us, profitability means sustainable decisions that will keep us integrated with the city and society for the next 150 years as well.


Ylva secures the sustainable and long-term appreciation of the Student Union’s assets. Our operations are profit-driven and our risk-taking is moderate.


Ylva acts sustainable and openly communicates about its operations. We actively promote the development of corporate responsibility in Finland. We act in accordance with the objectives and values of our owner. Ylva offers an encouraging, inspiring and supportive working environment for its employees and the representatives of its owner.


Ylva reacts to changes in its operating environment with flexibility and efficiency. We build partner relationships that benefit all parties. We aim for renewal without compromising on perseverance. Ylva listens to its customers and owners and flexibly revises its operations according to feedback. We are aware that actively creating something new also involves actively letting something else go.

19,9 Milj. €

Turnover in 2021

–2,1 Milj. €

Operating result

439 Milj. €

Market values of real estate and investments