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Responsibility tastes good.

Come eat and meet at UniCafe, found all around Helsinki! Responsibility and eco-friendliness serve as our business cards in everything, all the way from breakfast to dessert and coffee. We have already won Luomu SM, the Finnish organic food championship, eight years in a row. We only serve Fair Trade organic coffee and, in 2018, we launched the Leftover Lunch concept to reduce food waste, at the request of our students. We enable smart, sustainable choices and lead the way for the future of student dining.

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Twenty restaurants and cafés

UniCafe student restaurants and WELL cafés – quality restaurant services, responsibly and professionally, by approximately 100 catering professionals on average.

Fifty different nationalities

We strongly believe in a work community that supports multiple values and diversity. Our starting point is the equitable and equal treatment of personnel, in work tasks and hiring alike. A multicultural work community that celebrates difference is, from our perspective, a valuable resource. In 2018, our restaurants and cafés employed people from 50 different nationalities.


Blend Me, Drink Me smoothies, Helsinki Bagel with a pulled-oats filling, Löfbergs Fair Trade organic coffees, sandwiches, quarks – we offer good taste, good choices, good vibes.

Our WELL concept, launched at the end of the year 2016, has at this point established its position among the city’s café customers. WELL cafés emphasise vegan and gluten-free options in particular. Natural, fresh and plant-based materials form the base of the selection.

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