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A future built on sustainability

Ylva’s investments are completely fossil fuel free. We engage in investment activities that accumulate assets in ways that prioritise the environment and a responsible society. In our investments, we look far into the future and carry the responsibility for building a sustainable future.

Investments in future solutions

Our venture investments focus on companies that create new solutions. We participate in financing solutions that are important in view of our basic values.

ResQ Club

ResQ Club is an excellent example of a company that promotes circular economy solutions. The users of the ResQ application can help prevent meals prepared by participating restaurants from going to waste. The ResQ application reduces food waste from restaurants by enabling the efficient use of ingredients and thus reducing daily food loss. Ylva has been a shareholder of ResQ Club since May 2016.

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In the future, our sources of dietary protein may include things other than the current fish-, meat- and plant-based options. EntoCube farms edible crickets, which are an ecological, low-emission and nutritious source of protein, especially compared to meat products. Ylva has been a shareholder of EntoCube since December 2017.

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19 %

Ylva’s shareholding in ResQ Club

6 %

Ylva’s shareholding in EntoCube


Ylva’s Board of Directors’ Report and Financial Statements 2019

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Carbon Budget 2020

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Ylva’s Annual Review 2018

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Ylva’s Board of Directors’ Report and Financial Statements 2018 (in Finnish)

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