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UniCafe wins its ninth Luomu SM trophy

UniCafe has picked up its ninth win at the Luomu SM (Organic Finnish Championship) competition. The competition pitted professional kitchens...

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Students have been in the restaurant business in Helsinki for over 70 years: Today, UniCafe celebrates its anniversary

On the 7th of September, it will be 70 years since the Student Union of the University of Helsinki’s restaurant...

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Winning proposals in the responsibility competition encourage healthy and climate-friendly eating habits

Ylva’s annual responsibility competition has reached its conclusion. The contest was judged by Ylva’s administrative council, who awarded a shared...

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UniCafe renewed its Luomu SM victory for the seventh time

UniCafe has achieved its seventh Luomu SM (Organic Finnish Championship) victory in a row. The championship was won with a...

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Ylva is the first Finnish company to change its sustainability reporting to follow the EU taxonomy

The goal of the EU Taxonomy Regulation is to create a system by which investors can assess companies’ sustainability. Ylva...

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Ylva is closing some of its restaurants temporarily due to the coronavirus situation

Due to the rapidly changing situation with the novel coronavirus Ylva is temporarily closing some of its restaurants and cafes...


Kokosimme yhteen törkeimmät vastuuttomuustekomme vuodelta 2023.


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